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    Laundry Renovations Services in Melbourne

    Everything You Need To Know About The Wowing Laundry Renovations Melbourne

    At some point in time, any room or building will need some refurbishment, even if it is in use or not. People pay due consideration to all such revamp needs, from living rooms to washrooms. And, it is not an exaggeration to say that laundry rooms often get sidelined when it is about the renovation. Property owners often misperceive or overlook the need for getting a laundry area overhaul. But, if we think about it prudently, we will observe that such places are probably prone to more wear and tear than anything else. Water stains, detergent exposure, dirt from clothes, and whatnot, laundry rooms suffer a lot.

    Hence, it is wise to think of getting such areas repaired timely to keep the property well maintained. The good thing is that One Stop Property Maintenance Group has affordable yet fabulous laundry renovations Melbourne options for you.

    Laundry Renovations Melbourne






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    Why should you get laundry renovation?

    Laundry Renovation Companies Melbourne

    Washing areas are so much about efficiency and utility that the whole washing process can get cumbersome if they are not constructed analytically. Systematic placement of machines, shelves, baskets, and other necessary stuff will ensure a smooth workflow. Even the type of marble and area for movement will impact the experience. There should be no chances of slippery or damage to the property due to cleaning agents.

    Our workers have ample experience, and they will only suggest productive options and use superior quality materials for walls and floors. Make your laundry area tough and functional with our promising laundry construction services.

    What are the most popular ideas for laundry renovation?

    Laundry Renovation Ideas Melbourne

    Now that you have understood the extreme need for a methodically built laundry area, it is also imperative to know some trending options. At One Stop Property Maintenance Group, we can work on the blueprints and execute the best plan according to the space available and the budget defined. Some of the most-demanded laundry renovation ideas melbourne are as follows.

    Vertical Positioning– Understandably, after constructing rooms, washrooms, kitchen, and more, not much scope remains behind for a grand laundry area. But, do not worry even if you do not have a length vacant space for washing clothes. Go with the idea of vertical cabinets. Our workers have the required skills, appliances, and determination to miraculously pull off such a design. We will make the best use of the available space so that you do not have to compromise on having an extra cabinet.

    Double Sides– Another awesome idea will be to use both walls facing each other. If you do not mind having a narrower aisle, it will be fantastic to have shelves on both sides of the passageway. It means that you will have more space, drawers, and shelves for storage. We have done projects where we used the lower side of one wall to place the machines and built a full-width cupboard on the upper side. And, the opposite wall had either full-length almirah or a combo of multiple lockers.

    L-Shape– The above two options do not seem feasible? Is there not much space to execute even those ideas? Do not worry when One Stop Property Maintenance Group is here with more concepts and less space. Our designers have created an L-shaped drawing for laundry rooms. We are equipped with the architectural knowledge of constructing an L-shaped washing area in a confined space. Our efficient team will do such a compact yet functional project flawlessly.

    Customization– We are not only restricted to the ideas mentioned above. Our capable and trained staff members will do the laundry renovation as you please. Everyone will always pay attention to what you instruct us at One Stop Property Maintenance Group. If there is any specific idea in your mind, we will be more than glad to put it in the execution process. You will never have to worry or regret using us because we are among Melbourne’s top laundry renovation companies.

    laundry renovation companies melbourne
    laundry renovations melbourne

    Key Takeaways

    You will not have to go here and there for different tasks when you get work done. Remember, laundry construction or renovation is not just about laying shelves. There will be plenty of more errands like installing appliances, redoing the electrical connection, ensuring harmless wiring, plumbing, and more. We take pride in being the ultimate and one-stop for all such essential tasks. We have a grand and competent team of handymen from various fields. Whether laying a marble floor or checking the sockets, we can do anything for you.

    When it is about refurbishment and maintenance, laundry rooms deserve more attention than they get otherwise. We will make your laundry area the most functional place in the house. Ask for extra shelves or an overall overhaul, and we can do all of such projects. Call us today to discuss the blueprint.

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