• For businesses and commercial installations: Improper cleaning and dirt accumulation affect aesthetic conditions, health, safety, functionality, and budget control.
  • For houses and other residential application: Adhering to strict health protocols to ensure well-being is not compromised if allergens and harmful particles are present.

As a part of our deep sanitization process we sanitise handles, baseboards, doors, walls, all furniture with your authorization. Everything that people have contact with and where bacteria can be found is disinfected.

Sanitisation aimed at combating the proliferation and activity of microorganisms that can contaminate food, items and tools used on a daily basis and cause illnesses. With our cleaning and sanitization practises we try to eliminate all possible bacteria, microorganisms and living forms, we would be talking about sterilisation.

This process should be constant and receive effective monitoring, and when cleaning programs are prepared in writing, the following should be specified: surfaces, items of equipment and utensils to be cleaned, responsibility for particular tasks, cleaning method and frequency, and surveillance measures.

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