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    Redesign Your Abode With New And Latest Ideas

    Home Renovations Melbourne

    We, at One-Stop Maintenance, are a team of hardworking and diligent renovators and builders. Ever since the commencement of the home renovations business in Melbourne , we have had one goal: to help you renovate and recreate your home.

    Our team of experts will help you reach the final result of a renovated and stylish-looking home in no time. We have different ideas for all types of homes that we can actualize in the most time and cost-effective way.

    So, whether you want a modern home or a Victorian home renovated, One-Stop is where you can see your dream home take shape into reality.

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    Services We Offer

    Best Home Renovations Melbourne

    One-Stop maintenance provides complete home renovations Melbourne eastern suburbs services:

    Interior planning: Our team of experts provides complete interior planning support to the clients. They provide ideas and strategies that will best suit the home and its current floor plan.

    Kitchen renovations: The kitchen is a major part of the home, and we help renovate that crucial section. Our team will help make the kitchen good-looking based on the chosen theme and functional and spacious.

    Bathroom renovation: Our team is well equipped to design and rebuild the entire bathroom. We have many choices when it comes to bathroom fitting that will go with the theme.

    Exterior designing: We help our clients choose the right design for the exterior for home renovations in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. From extension to choosing the right color and design, our team of builders and designers will make the home look

    Cabinet and shelf installations: We have many cabinet and shelf choices to pick from. You can choose based on the space available and the overall design of the home to increase both style quotient and efficiency.

    Electrical and door installations: Our team of builders helps set up electrical installations throughout the house. This makes installing appliances easy and hassle-free in renovated Victorian homes in Melbourne. Also, we have a large collection of doors and windows to choose from for the renovated house.

    Driveway and deck renovation: Driveways and decks are a major part of the houses, and we help in renovating them as well. We help repair, floor, and install doors on the driveway and decks.

    Why choose us?

    Years of experience: We have been in this industry for 5 years now as one of Melbourne’s most sought-after home renovation companies. We have built our reputation in the Australian renovation builders industry with our hard work and honesty. Since we are in the business, our company has worked with various clients daily. We have experience handling different home renovations projects like holiday home renovation, Victorian home renovations, extensions, repair, painting, etc.

    Reliable services: We believe in providing only the best to our clients. We here at one stop will make sure that our services are top-notch and reliable. Our team is honest about renovations propjets and only makes promises that can be met within the time and budget constraints. We also make sure to complete the project is completed in time without any added hassle.

    Different renovation services: We provide a range of home renovations services in Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs when it comes to renovations of homes. We do complete home renovations that include everything from changing the interior and exterior of the entire property. However, on the other hand, we also provide renovations of certain rooms and parts of the home. Our services include kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, exterior renovation, etc. We also cater to clients looking for minor installations like doors, tiling, shower installation, leak proofing, etc.

    Honest opinion: One-Stop is where you can expect only honest opinions. Our renovation team will first provide consultation and then check the property based on the renovation requirements of the client. After this, we will provide a complete strategic plan for the renovation. We, as home renovation builders in Melbourne do not make big and empty promises to our clients. Instead, we will ensure that our clients know what to expect from the projects, the cost, time commitment, and the results.

    Fair pricing: We have a clear and concise pricing policy. We provide a complete pricing breakdown to our clients initially, along with the possible added costs. We try our best to stay within the provided estimate. With One-Stop renovations, you will not have to worry about unexpected additions to the final cost of renovations.

    High-quality services: Our services are of the highest quality as we keep up with the industry standards and the clients’ expectations equally. We provide only the best home renovations services in Melbourne to our clients. Our products are of the highest quality, can endure anything, and have the best durability and strength.

    Hardworking team: Our team of professionals is highly talented and experienced in the work they deliver. They are experienced in renovations and give their best in creating the perfect renovation building and extension plans. Also, they provide complete guidance and continuous support to the clients by clearing all the queries and doubts one might have.

    We provide the following services:

    All tasks related to carpentry including door carpentry, furniture carpentry, shelving, cabinet build and installation and more

    • Interiors and Exteriors
    • Carpentry and Electrical Work
    • Building Repairs
    • Plastering
    • Floor Sanding and Repairs
    • Home Repairs
    • Wood staining, varnishing, sealing and touch-ups
    • Tiling and Flooring
    • Cabinet Build and Installation
    • Tile and Grout Cleaning
    • Showers Resealing
    • Exterior and Interior Plastering
    • Testing & Tagging
    • Kitchen Maintenance and more

    If the office maintenance service you are looking for is not listed here, then contact us now to find out what we can offer to you! Our highly skilled experts will provide you with honest and friendly advice on property maintenance and cleaning. Give us a call now and experience our impeccable services.