Electrical testing and tagging Melbourne plays a pivotal role in any setting, especially in a household. To ensure devices are accurately tested prior to use is critical to your health. As Australia’s leading award winning warehouse and factory safety specialists, we are confident that you will love our friendly and efficient service. Obtain a quote on prices with one of Melbourne and Australia’s largest electrical testing and tagging firms. Specialising in the electrical test and tag of offices, schools, factories, labs, warehouses and for tradesmen. With a team of highly qualified technicians. We are ready to Test and Tag all your plug-in electrical appliances to ensure your workplace is compliant.

Here at One Stop Property Maintenance we adhere to the Australian standards and perform testing and tagging Melbourne services for you to feel safe and secure in your home or premises.


By ensuring your workplace or home is tested and tagged, you demonstrate your duty of care in maintaining a safe workplace so employees and visitors avoid electrical injuries. By undertaking regular testing, maintenance, and inspection of electrical equipment you are making sure the appliances are safe for use. In some instances, this may result in lower insurance premiums, but certainly results in the reduction of costly urgent ad hoc maintenance that has the potential to disrupt your ongoing business operations. In your workplace, you are responsible for the safety of everyone who works in or visits your premises, so a comprehensive program is essential to satisfy your duty of care.

For all testing and tagging Melbourne and electrical tagging Melbourne services your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company – One Stop Property Maintenance. We are the leading team that has extensive knowledge on electrical test and tag Melbourne procedures and have accredited electricians that comprehend and work as per standards.