Our services focus in providing our clients, whether house owners or business owners a reliable and professional cleaning or maintenance process that can be completed in depth, with the dedication and adroitness of our cleaning team and qualified handymen.

Not only businesses but also residential premises suffer the lack of control and efficiency in the performance of the maintenance and renovation works. Sanitization, cleanups, repairs and more are all completed by experienced professionals of these areas. With our services at One Stop Property Maintenance all these tasks will surely be carried out carefully, in a sustainable and efficient way, with all the required and adequate supplies and equipment along with the expertise and efficiency of passionate people who have done this many different times before.


One Stop Property Maintenance is managed by a passionate and hard-working team united by the unrivalled commitment to provide top-tier cleaning and building maintenance services.




One Stop Property Maintenance’s main aim has been to establish as a solid and reliable company with a well-earned reputation providing superior value service in our area.




Dedication is a value that has accompanied all our efforts towards excellence and is part of what keep us improving day by day.



Benchtops can be made from different types of materials including stone which has been widely used since ancient times and has become an even more popular choice these days.

Bifold doors are outlined as the best option to optimise the use of small spaces. Dividing, delimiting or opening spaces are the main functions of bifold doors. It seemed that the natural space of the folding doors

One Stop Property Maintenance is the place where you will find the best professional carpenters at your serviceWe are a dedicated and well-reputed business where you will find a team of qualified handymen and carpenters 

At One Stop Property Maintenance we install second to none floor boards available in different shapes, colours, and textures, ensuring our clients will find the right match for their property making their residential or commercial premises

Undertaking the installation or renovation of the decking in your home or commercial building is a process for which it is worth having the most qualified and specialised professionals on your side, so that the procedure leads to the implementation 

House owners and business owners are proud of how their property looks, it is normal to feel great about something you spent money and time on. At One Stop Property Maintenance we help you add value to this property

From time to time, decking requires refurbishment to bring life back to the materials and make sure they fulfil their purpose. We understand how much your decking may change the entire look of your house 

The driveway is the first thing your guests are in contact with when they visit your house or building, therefore it is necessary to keep it clean and in perfect conditions, it will also increase the visual appeal

Cubby houses, also known as cubbies are an excellent choice for children entertainment in a safe environment near the house. Here at One Stop Property Maintenance we build and install cubby houses that are long-lasting

Improve your traditional ceiling installation cornice, making it look completely different and giving your business or house a modern look. If you have already installed cornice but they have been worn

Dry wall is a dry construction system that became known about 25 years ago. The term means “dry wall” since it does not require water, sand or cement as in traditional systems. It is commonly used to make extensions

At One Stop Property Maintenance we install, renovate and keep in optimal conditions your feature walls at home or in your commercial building as we know they provide great opportunities to experiment

One Stop Property Maintenance provides a broad range of electrical services to ensure the perfect functioning of all the installations in our clients’ buildings. With a long list of projects successfully completed

No business or house is fully accomplished before a proper cabinet build and installation has been completed. With One Stop Property Maintenance

Carports are ideal additions to a property when extra storage space is required. In addition to being able to park your car and other vehicles

Concrete is one of the most widely used building products in the world. It is long lasting when used correctly.

When we think of a re-decoration of our place, no matter if it’s our business or our house, and most of the time we focus on the interior spaces of our house

At One Stop Property Maintenance our plasterers have a wide range of skills so they can complete exterior plastering successfully and ensure the result

At One Stop Property Maintenance we offer specialised services including our second to none floating timber and vinyl installations.

Floor and wall tiles must be installed properly in order to last long as a beautiful addition to your house or commercial building’s design

We dedicate our professional efforts to the recovery, maintenance and cleaning of industrial, commercial floors, buildings and households.

For gate and fence painting it should be considered that this part of your property is subject to the hardest conditions in terms of weather changes

Looking for a professional and high-performance business that can offer you deluxe Gyprock plasterboard installation services? You are in the right place

The cherry on top of any door installation is a proper door handle that shines above the rest of the setting. Also, it needs to be installed properly

We enter and leave our home or business several times a day, so having quality doors and jambs is key. Selecting One Stop Property Maintenance

With the adoption of new trends comes innovation, and such is the case of sheet vinyl flooring, an excellent option to make any floor look elegant and clean

The walls, columns, beams and other surfaces on which we can apply paint inside our house or commercial building are opportunities to give our environments

Here at One Stop Property Maintenance we design and manufacture kitchen cabinets according to the specifications of our clients, providing beautiful

The cleaning processes and periodic maintenance of the equipment and kitchen area plays an important role, not only to endure longevity in their useful life

The kitchen is that area of any house or building that must remain impeccable the entire time as this is the place where people prepare meals.

An outdoor alfresco as the name states is an outdoor room you can enjoy all year round, an extra you can give your property that will consistently increase

Painting is an undeniably important part of any property repair and maintenance process as it impacts directly the way your property looks.

Plastering is commonly used as a smooth base for later decoration, it is very popular specially for interior areas, providing business premises

Render membrane and paint ensures the fabric of buildings remains protected from any outside damage, specially when properly installed by professionals

A render repair is one maintenance job that you really cannot skip if you want your house to be protected from damage and it should be put right as soon as

Showers with this black dirt sticked to it can be specially annoying, for that reason it is important to reseal showers quite often getting rid of this dirt

For both types of buildings, commercial or residential, shelving plays an essential role in daily activities as shelves are essential items where most things

At One Stop Property Maintenance we offer a great option for those business and house owners that want a different option other than kitchen tiles.

Testing and tagging are important for posterior electrical maintenance, and here at One Stop Property Maintenance we provide second to none testing

Tiles give way to a type of floor that brings great beauty to any type of environment. Whether in a house or in a large company, having ceramics

Feature tiling is a clear trend among bathroom designs, highlighting the coolest aspects of a shower and making you bathroom look more luxurious.

If you are looking to give your floors and/or your walls a modern look then our tiling and flooring service is the right choice to give your commercial

The touch-ups are those details that require paying a lot of attention to each one of the areas someone is painting so no gaps and weak spots will be left once

Seek no more, One Stop Property Maintenance is the leader in a long list of varnishing and sealing services providers. If you have shelves, decks or any type

A touch-up is a common practise in renovation processes, it is used for describing the recoating a small area, an area that has been painted or repaired short time ago.

Wall paper and wall coverings are part of our specialities here at One Stop Property Maintenance. If you like a classy style and want to change the way

At One Stop Property Maintenance we accumulate many years of experience in all the services related to cleaning and maintenance of a property

At One Stop Property Maintenance we provide wooden retaining walls in case you have a land or a yard located on a slope and you would like to even the land

At One Stop Property Maintenance we offer customer-focused solutions for pest problems to help house and business owners prevent deterioration and damages caused by pests in your building.

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One Stop Property Maintenance is managed by a passionate and hard-working team united by the unrivalled commitment to provide top-tier building maintenance and cleaning services for Commercial and Residential premises.