Have you been contemplating an alfresco installation Melbourne? Are you unsure of the cost, logistics and building behind it? Do not fret any longer as we have the solution for you! Whether it is to cater to large, lavish parties full of excited party guests, or for heart-warming family time and reunions, an alfresco installation Melbourne is always a great addition to any home. Having the capability to appreciate a warm, home cooked meal outdoors in the fresh air is one of life’s greatest pleasures, which is why our engineers and team at One Stop Property Maintenance prioritise the design and installation of Alfresco areas to help you turn your house into a lovely home.

Not only are we committed to working with you to create a unique outdoor area that stands out as one of Melbourne’s finest alfresco designs and portrays a picturesque view of your home, but we have also have the necessary expertise and experience when it comes to our tradespeople and engineers to ensure all of the necessary building codes are satisfied, so your dream outdoor area is seamlessly integrated into your home’s design totally hassles free. We have over 50 years of combined experience and administer state of the art alfresco installation Melbourne services.

Melbourne residents are used to the old fashioned design, however, it is rare that a new product or service garners as much excitement in the local communities as our outdoor alfresco designs have. Our alfresco designs and alfresco installations have found such great success over the years due to our commitment to low cost, high quality products and efficient, friendly services. Our gorgeous alfresco designs have been transforming local homes into lavish architectural feats for nearly twenty years.

Transparency, devotion and overall exceptional work-ethic are the three main pylons we built our success on here at One Stop Property Maintenance. We are a cohesive unit of experience and accredited individuals that will go above and beyond when it comes to anything property maintenance related. If you require more information on our services and our alfresco installation Melbourne systems – contact us directly today!